The Studio

A True Acoustic Studio

We are here to capture and record the best of the natural sounds of strings, keys, reeds, brass, and your voices using the best of technology in a relaxed and comfortable setting in the historical Winchester House.  The room acoustics and ambiance are mellow and resonant and the combination of technology and setting will bring out the best of you in your work.

We run a full iMAC system with Pro Tools 12 and Logic X and we rely on the outstanding microphones from Marshall (MXL series) to capture the best raw tracks possible.  Our editing team will then carefully blend all of the sounds with a trained and nuanced ear on keeping your vocals on top of the mix.

Our philosophy for audio production was formed in the classic recording studios of New York and Pennsylvania where the band members worked together not only to play the music but to generate that energy and synergy that you can only get from playing music together. We believe that energy is what makes for a superior recording that you can’t create by remote multi-tracking of musicians and vocalists. Just because technology let’s you work remotely, doesn’t mean that you should.  We can always add tracks and effects, but the core music needs to be filled with that cooperative and creative energy.

Making Beautiful Music Together

Thanks to technology, just about anyone can set up a small digital recording studio for less than a thousand bucks and go into “the recording business”. All you have to do is read a few manuals, watch a few YouTubes, and bam!, you are making music. But is it good music, is it your best music? What doesn’t come in those boxes with the chips and wires is an ear, experience and talent.  Consider also if you are bouncing back and forth between the console and your instrument, both will only get half of your attention.  That’s why you come to Barking Frogs. We have the ear, the experience and the talent, both as recording engineers and as professional musicians.  We focus on the recording side so you can devote all of your energy to your music. Our formula for success is to combine our talent with your talent to make the best possible music together.

When The Music Stops

If you are following the “normal” process for CD projects, at some point you found your self standing outside of the traditional recording studio with your master disc in your hand wondering, “now what?”

We know what…

It’s time to conceive, design and produce the look and feel of your project. That means graphics, artwork, layout, text, color selection… Yes, you could do it yourself or get the kid next door to help out. But it likely won’t be what you need to succeed. After all of the creative energy you put into the music and the performance, don’t leave the next critical steps to just anyone with a computer and a paint program. It’s like jumping over ten buses on a motorcycle. Leave it to the pros.

Replication and Duplication Management

Rep & Dupe appears to be deceptively easy thanks to the web. That’s because it is deceptively complicated.

Consider the following:

Do you need duplication or replication? Do you know the difference? Do your graphic files fit the replicator’s templates? Are the tracks IRSC coded for download? Do you have a barcode or ISBN number? Does your master disc contain too many micro-trac errors? Can you upload wave or aiff files? Jewel Case, Slimline, Cardboard Sleeve, Shrink Wrap? Traditional CD or new-fangled USB Drive? Who has the best price? The best quality?

Wait, you don’t need to know all of that because we do.

While we don’t venture into the world of replication and duplication ourselves, we do provide experienced and competent management of duplication and replication companies. We know the ropes so you don’t need to.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated for musicians.  You make the music, we capture it and then guide you though the process to the end product. Something you can be proud of.

OK, you’ve read this far, does it sound like it’s the way you’d like to go? Then click the contact tab and give us a holler and we can discuss your project in more detail.