Audio Books

Bringing an audio book to life is not an easy task.  It takes technology and talent to make all of the effort you put into your writing turn into a quality audio product.  Don’t trust your work to a computer mic and a friend with a nice speaking voice.

We have access to virtually any voice type and accent from professional voice-over talent who will breathe life and emotion into your work.  Take a moment to listen to a few of the many voices we have on tap.  If you’d like more samples or have a specific voice in mind, drop us an email and we will send you a sample.  Better yet, drop us an email and let’s discuss your project and give you a price that will put a smile on your face.

No Man May Kill A Cat – Male Voice

      No Man May Kill A Cat - Male Voice

A Cocktail – Female Voice

      Cocktail - Female Voice

The Hurricane – Male Voice – English Accent

      The Hurricane - Male Voice

Too Much To Forget – Female Voice

      Too Much To Forget - Female

Black Ash – Female Voice

      BlackAsh - Femal Voice

When The Music Stops – Male & Female Voices

      When The Music Stops - Male and Female Voice

An Irish Tale – Female Voice

      Irish Tale - Female Voice



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