How Much?

The Big Question

Oh no, we’re at that place in time when we come to the question that no one seems to want to provide a direct answer.  Before we give you our answer (which I think you will like) let us consider some real world economics.

If you paid a total of $10K for your recording project, how many CD’s do you have to sell at $10.00 each before you break even? (10,000.00/10 = 1,000.00).  Wait, we forgot to figure in the cost of the CD itself. Let’s say you got a good deal at $4.00 each. (10,000/6.00 = 1,666). Suddenly that big budget dream project does not make financial sense.

Well (as you might guess), we have a better way and a better price structure.  And we have a worksheet to help you figure out the true cost of your project at The Barking Frogs.  You can download it here in PDF format.

BF Rate Card PDF 2019

Let me give you a sneak peak before you download. You can get a Singer Songwriter project that includes recording up to 10 songs, full mix down and editing, and final mastering for around $1,500.00. Add another $100.00 – $200.00 for art and layout. To see how that works for a complete record to deliverable project just download the Price List/Worksheet and do the math.  (Hint: you need to sell around 300 CDs to break even and you don’t have to mortgage your home or sell your guitars to do it)

If you like the numbers and it makes financial sense to you, then click the contact button and let’s continue the conversation. And when you talk with us ask about our fantastic Lay-Away Plan. It’s a way to get your work completed now while you pay for it over time.  No excuses, get in touch and get it going.

Another Question?

It’s about ownership.  Who owns the work and the work product. We’ve heard some talk that the “big boy” studios claim some form of copyright ownership to the project.  That could be a technical and financial problem for most independent musicians.  We have the solution.  You own all copyrights, production, product, licenses, graphics and claims.  The Barking Frogs Studio is strictly “work for hire”.

And Finally Some Legal Stuff.

The Great Swamp that is the music industry today has claimed the work and profits of many unwary and uninformed musicians. From copyrights to royalties to who owns the work (did you consider that the bass player you hired to contribute a track may have a claim on future royalties?) the potential quicksand traps are numerous.  Let our legal team guide you through the swamp before you need litigation. Please don’t rely on legal advice from the drummer in the house band at the local watering hole. Even if you did not record with us, we are still available to help you set up your music business as a true business that returns the profits to you and not to someone else. Drop us an email and let’s talk.